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Things To Do In Shimla

Things To Do In Shimla

Jakhoo Hill is the highest point of the city. It is covered with the Alpine trees. On the top of the flat hill is the colourful Jakhoo Temple as well as the newly built Hanuman statue.

The Ridge is a wide open area situated in the center of Shimla. It is hands down the most popular place in Shimla and is popularly called the ‘heart of Shimla’ because of its location and the liveliness you can experience here.

Shimla, the land of charm, has now come up with a new museum known as Johnnie’s wax museum. It was established by the company MBM brothers in the initial months of 2016. The main purpose of the wax museum was to put wax statues of famous personalities into the display.

If you are looking for the Shimla tourist places that would provide you with a peace of mind, walking or cycling around the Shimla water catchment wildlife sanctuary would be the right choice for you.

River Rafting is one very popular adventure sports in Shimla. The free-flowing rivers of Shimla offer the most ideal conditions for river rafting in the city.

Make your stay comfortable and luxurious while you decide to take a getaway in Shimla from an urban lifestyle. The property is well settled in plains of Himalayan foothills and surrounded by green valleys and high hill tops.

Any vacation or holiday to Shimla is just incomplete without Shopping at Lakkar Bazaar. Lakkar Bazaar is an ideal shopping destination for people who enjoy colourful street shopping.

Kiala Forest is located in the valley of Kotkhai in Shimla and is one of the perfect Shimla tourist places. Definitely, an interesting place to visit, the forest is beautified with the lush green vegetation as well as many indigenous animals.

The clear waters of the Chadwick Waterfall cascade deep down a gorge at a height of approximately 86 m. What amplifies the beauty of the place is the surrounding hills as well as the thick green trees of Pine and Deodar. After you have had a hectic travel schedule exploring the entire Shimla, you can come back here and unwind. This place will give you ample ‘me’ time.

Ice skating is said to be one of the most popular adventures sports in Shimla. It is known that Shimla has one of the largest ice skating rinks in India.

Summer Hill is an exceptionally beautiful tourist spot in Shimla. It is situated at an altitude of 1283 meters. The area is beautified by the serene beauty of quiet hills that give it a nice and breathtaking aura.

Kuthar Fort is placed in the undying serenity of the Himalayas and is one of the best places to visit in Shimla to get into the history. The fort spans an area of about 52.8 square kilometres and is located in the middle of the exotic background, pools as well as the beautiful gardens.

The true essence of a beautiful hill station can really be experienced in an outdoor accommodation in nature. Since Shimla serves as an excellent base for many trekking expeditions, camping is among the popular things to do in Shimla.

Trekking is popular in Shimla as the mysterious and the beautiful ranges of Himalayas are just the right sites for you to try your hand at trekking.

A popular holiday retreat in Himachal Pradesh which is well studded with lush green zone, brilliant views and heartwarming people is what defines Shimla. The city is popular among most of the travelers all around the world and calls them again every time they want to relax in abode of heaven.

There’s a special kind of joy involved with riding toy trains. These trains are available only in the Himalayan regions. And Shimla is one of the most important hill stations among such places where you can enjoy a thrilling toy train ride.

If you have ever dreamed of flying, Shimla is the place where you can come and make your dream of flying come true.

Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and offers great view, pleasant weather and beautiful bazaar for shopping to its guests. Along with some hot fritters, you can visit church while enjoying valley views around.

Adventure camping in Shimla is going to prove to be one of the best offbeat experience that one can have in the Queen of the Hills. A place where you can stay and have fun doing multiple activities on the premises is something that you will find really worthy of experiencing.

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