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Kullu Manali Other Activities

Kullu Manali Other Activities

Kullu Manali adorns itself in unparalleled beauty during winter months, which is the best time to experience snowfall. It is the peak holiday season, when the enchanting land experiences huge tourist influx from across the world.

Away from the irresistible temptation of nature and agonies of life, indulge into fun cooking experience at the Manali Cooking School. The professionally managed school is renowned for teaching some of the finest authentic Indian delicacies to tourists where only well-chosen recipes will be prepared in front you to have a unique experience.

The intriguing history and heritage of apple orchards in Manali dates back to the era of the British. Today, they are no more a source of good income for local people but also a renowned tourist attraction where travelers love to experience nature’s bounty amidst exquisite fruit orchards growing red apples, plum, pear, and much more.

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